Get ready to be surprised by one of the most reputable hotels in the entire Portugal, as well as a leading option in Porto.

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Local pleasures

Try out the bars on site. The coffee is local and will give you a taste of the culture. We have various types of teas, as well as both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Thinking about a cocktail? We have it ready for you.

The restaurants on site are not to be overlooked either. While we do recommend shopping around and exploring other places too, nothing is more convenient than a restaurant right next to you. You can experience the local cuisine, daily specials and dishes from other parts of the world as well. We can also take special requests – thinking of something in particular? Suffering from an allergy? We will look after you.

Hotel Porto Palacio is the top rated local hotel on multiple booking websites. We love what we do and this is what sets us apart.


Quality comes first

No matter what we do, no matter what you need and no matter what you are after, we make sure you get the most out of it. We want you to sleep well, eat good food and enjoy some quality time on site. For all these reasons, quality is our middle name. We even provide access to multiple facilities and various businesses that you may be interested in – from local tours and taxis to nearby attractions and places to visit in the area.

Everything you need

We understand that different people have different necessities. Some people are all about relaxing by the pool and drinking. Some others need a good place to sleep between their sightseeing trips. Some others require a family friendly place. Hotel Porto Palacio can provide all these – we strive to exceed your expectations.

Customized service

We know that people come to us for various reasons. They have different needs and quality standards, as well as unique expectations. We try to understand your needs and we provide. No matter you are after, you will find it here. This is because each client gets a customized experience. We will identify your expectations and ensure they are met. Whether you are after sightseeing, relaxation or business opportunities, we will adjust our services to keep your happy. This is probably our greatest quality in the long run.

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