First course

Our first course menu is basically an amalgam of starters from different cuisines – all across the world. The menu is ideal for light bites or starters

Mushroom toast$4

You get a bunch of wild mushroom!! different varieties!! well cooked, spread all across a large toast with balsaming vinegar.

Eggs on toast$4

Eggs can be cooked in different ways and come on toast.

Potatoes in salad$4

Potatoes can be classic or sweet. They can also be cooked in a different ways!! ask for available options.

Mediterranean starter$5

This is a mix of Mediterranean vegetables – grilled. They come with salad, a few sauces and toast – white or brown bread.

Second course

Enjoy some of the finest meals available in our restaurants. All food is cooked from fresh – we do not deal with frozen ingredients.

Steak and potatoes$10

You get a big piece of steak that can be cooked in a few different ways, as well as classic or sweet potato fries.

Chicken schnitzel$10

There are two pieces of chicken schnitzel, as well as potato fries.

Haloumi salad$10

Nothing compares to a big bowl of haloumi topped with parmesan cheese and small pieces of cooked chicken.


There are 12 different types of pizza we can prepare, but you can also come up with your own pizza recipe – ask for more details.



These are some of our top rated cocktails at Hotel Porto Palacio. We provide both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

Bloody Mary$2

Nothing beats a Bloody Mary after spending a full day on the beach. The cocktail is great after a meal as well.

Sex on the beach$2

Enjoy a mix of cooling alcoholic beverages topped with natural juices.

White Russian$2

After a more elegant or sophisticated night? Interested in sipping something special that will make the difference? You have it right here.


A classic indeed. Cosmopolitan is one of the most appreciated cocktails at our bars and it is easy to understand why.